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Kim's Institute of Martial Arts

Kim’s Institute of Martial Arts in Hershey, Pennsylvania is owned and run by 7th degree black belt Master Suk Jung Kim. The Institute provides diverse martial arts and self defense programs for children and adults.

The Martial Arts studio mobile app for Kim’s Institute of Marital Arts, once downloaded, allows students to:

  • Subscribe to view special videos and be billed automatically each month opening up an entirely new revenue stream for your studio!
  • View the class schedule, indicate whether they’re going, comment and share on social media
  • Register and create an account. Login and view videos and instructional material for their grade level
  • Register and book private training sessions
  • Receive push notifications for announcements, specials, coupons, and more
  • Use coupons in the studio by scanning the QR code
  • Participate in rewards programs or contests right on the app
  • Share the app on social media with their friends
  • Take notes on the app and review at any time
  • One touch contact and GPS directions to each location
  • Access all social media for the studio in one place
  • ..and more

A powerful content management system allows Kim’s to manage all content on the app, load videos, and more.

Free Consultation and a free demo app for you to see this powerful marketing tool. Let’s get started today!

Download and View the app for Kim’s Institute of Martial ArtsĀ  below

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