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Steinway Auto Repairs

Mobile App for Auto Repair Center – Steinway Auto Repairs. This app comes with a full Content Management System (CMS) which allows the auto repair center staff to updated content easily on the app by adding coupons, etc.

A key feature is the ability for customers to create a profile, login and view their auto service history. Customers receive notifications when service appointments need to be made.

Created with high level custom design, this auto center app allows clients to

  • Easily make appointments
  • View one touch contact info
  • Access an emergency center for towing etc.
  • Use digital coupons for service
  • Keep notes on their car right on the app
  • Access useful information on their car like common problems, tips and so on
  • Join a mailing list to receive useful, practical information
  • Refer the auto center to their friends and colleagues
  • Receive push notifications

This auto repair center app is available for Androids, Iphones, Ipads and also as a progressive web app (PWA) which can be quickly and easily loaded to a smart phone.

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