Mobile Apps For Churches

Mobile Apps For Churches

This simple, yet sophisticated app engages the congregation all week long and not just on Sundays. Since one of the principals of our firm is the pastor of a small church we recognize that small and medium size churches have just as great a need for flexibility and powerful features. So we strive to give small churches operating on smaller budgets all the features, choosing not to create different “models” of the app. All the apps we created for churches are:

  • Listed on the App Store and Google’s Play Store
  • Custom Branded and designed specifically for your church. No sharing with others, no ads.
  • Designed and created for you. Save the time and hassle.
  • Inclusive of Training for staff
  • Managed by a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) so you control your content without a reliance on us.

Features of the Mobile App for Churches

  • Content Management System which allows you to manage all content on the app yourself from the comfort of your own mobile device. No programming required. Training provided
  • Sermons are accessible directly on the app via either podcast, YouTube. Click and listen right on a mobile device
  • Offer Sermon notes on the app if you wish. Congregants can also take sermon notes right on the app
  • Send out Push Notifications to the congregation for notices or emergency alerts; push notifications appear right on their mobile devices. Create groups of your congregation so you can send push notifications to specific groups and not everyone. Push notifications are unlimited.
  • Schedule Reservations for events and collect payments for them if necessary.
  • Upload your church bulletins and save on printing costs.
  • Prayer Wall for prayer requests or submit prayer requests privately.
  • Connect to an online Bible.
  • Post upcoming events for all to see. Viewers can comment, register, share on social media or mark if they are attending.
  • All your social media in one place. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in a single place
  • Integrated with your church website (if you do not have one, we can create one for an additional cost)
  • Accept donations online via paypal.
  • Integrate with your blog. post articles for your congregation to read
  • “Tell a Friend”  functionality to promote your app to others. Congregants can now further your app to friends and family so they can listen to the sermons, receive articles etc. just as if they attended. A great way to get others to church.
  • Contact forms, forms for prayer requests and more
  • Highlight your ministries or any other aspects of the church on the app for all to see.
  • As many text tabs as you need. For example, put a tab for Evangelism verses and so on.

Pricing: $49.95 per month with a very reasonable setup fee.

Additional Service: Integrate with a custom built portal for congregants to see any non public information. Congregants create a user id which they can use to login and access information. This features is available at an additional cost, dependent on what your church needs to see.

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