Martial Arts School App

Martial Arts School App

This is not your typical martial arts school app. The focus of this app is to increase customer engagement and generate a new revenue stream for your dojo. We also develop a mobile app marketing plan for your school as part of our services, so you don’t just have another “gadget” but something to help increase enrollment, retain students and implement a new sales stream to students.

View the video clip below for a quick intro and read more about the features

Martial Arts School Mobile App Features

Your custom branded Martial Arts School app is geared toward increasing your sales, your advertising exposure and improving the experience you offer your students. Students will love the convenience of downloading your martial arts school app and having your services and products right at their fingertips. Use technology to increase engagement with your students. Below are some of the things you can do with your martial arts school mobile app

  • Students can access your Class Schedule, check in to classes, like classes, post on social media and comment from your martial arts school app
  • Increase your revenues by offering an optional subscription program where students can pay, login and view instructional videos or PDF files right on your martial arts school app.
  • Students can book and pay for private training sessions right from your martial arts school app
  • Integrate your training appointments with Google calendar or the built in calendar for easy tracking.
  • Sell martial arts gear or other products from your martial arts school app. Students can also rent equipment using the app.
  • Generate QR coupons for easy use. These digital coupons appear on your marital arts school app and can only be used by individuals who “check in” at your school. Use these coupons to attract new students, offer discounts on training sessions and more.
  • Generate loyalty rewards or prize winning programs for students to participate. Validate students’ participation in activities right on the app.
  • Send push notifications (messages) to students for specials, discounts, schedule changes etc. These notices appear right on their cellphones.
  • Manage your app content with the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) on the market. Update the schedule, generate coupons, start rewards programs or contests, and control all content yourself. No programming skills needed. Just login and drive.
  • Seamlessly integrated with all Social Media Instances. Students can promote your martial arts school app on Social Media
  • Each school location has GPS directions and one touch contact capabilities on your app
  • Students can view Instructional Videos right on your martial arts school app
  • Students can take and store notes right on your martial arts school app
  • Tell A Friend functionality allows students to share your martial arts school app on all social media or via email. Increase your advertising by using referrals from your students.

Market your Martial Arts School with your own Mobile App

According to Pew Research Center in the 2nd quarter of 2015, 1.925 BILLION mobile users use their mobile device to search for services, products and to access social media platforms. Prepare your marital arts business to enter an entire new way of affordable marketing, cheaper than traditional advertising.

Benefit from a cutting edge solution to attract new clients and retain more of your existing clients. Your custom branded Martial Arts School mobile app brings it all together to give you a powerful marketing tool which increases your reach and specifically targets the local demographics you wish to attract. All for one low monthly fee, far less than any form of traditional advertising which costs thousands of dollars annually.

With your own custom branded martial arts school app available for on the App Store and Play Store for free download by your clients and potential clients, you will:

  • Drastically improve your business’ website search engine rankings on Google. Magazine Search Engine Watch reports having an app may will improve your rankings to users on mobile devices. Get found by more customers who are looking for your services
  • Give an incentive for potential clients who download your app to attend for a free visit and evaluation. Get more potential clients into your studio.
  • Increase your Social Media reach on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc. and reach more potential clients who can actually interact with your studio. More likes, more positive reviews. All great for your business.
  • Retain more clients by offering incentives like reward programs, coupons, discounts, seasonal specials and more right on your martial arts school mobile app. Engage your existing clients by incentivizing their return
  • Improve your customer service and get GREAT reviews on Social Media, which in turn brings you MORE customers through the power of positive reviews. Existing customers can view instructional videos right on the app (option for viewing by students only), get the latest MMA news, view the class schedule, check in for classes, etc. With your own custom branded Martial Arts School mobile app, you are placing your studio right at your clients’ finger tips, the ultimate in customer service.
  • Develop an email list you can market to regularly to sell additional services and even products.
  • Tons of additional features in your custom branded Martial Arts School app!!!

Our company is not just an app creator. We work with our customers on how to use their martial arts school app to gain maximum exposure for their business for far less than traditional advertising. Let’s get started today with a free, no obligation consultation by filling out the form below or giving us a call!