Mobile App for Dentists

Why Mobile Apps For Dentists?

People are using mobile devices more and more everyday so your mobile marketing strategy must attract and retain them.

Engage new patients and retain existing ones with your own custom branded DENTAL MOBILE APP from us, a complete solution with a powerful content management system that keeps you in charge of   your dental practice while keeping your practice in front of your patients and those who search for your services.

Use the dental mobile app from Novel App Solutions to increase your social media presence, manage your social media reviews to generate positive feedback on social media, keep patients engaged with your practice, improve your customer service and more. The dental mobile app offered by Novel App solutions is simple, yet sophisticated technology which we can customize to meet the needs of your practice.

With your dental mobile app  on their cell phones or tablets patients can:

  • Make Appointments and pay for them ahead of schedule. For example – teeth whitening appointments and other cash services can all be handled seamlessly thru your app.
  • Generate one touch appointment requests and you contact them at your convenience.
  • Create social media campaigns to boost positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus and more from your patients.
  • Receive push notifications from your office with special offers, open appointment times, coupons, discounts and more. Keep your patients engaged.
  • Participate in loyalty or rewards programs. Great for kids in a pediatric dentistry practice, make it fun for them to come to the dentist
  • Receive and use QR coupons from your practice. No more expensive printing and mailing.
  • Access all patient registration and consent forms.
  • Pay any balances due
  • Capture any instructions or notes from their visit
  • Report any emergencies by using the Contact the doctor center, attach photos etc.
  • View all the practice’s social media instances (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp etc.) in one place.
  • “Check in” to your practice and post it on social media so your business goes viral
  • View any specials offered (tooth whitening etc) and take action on it
  • Get GPS directions to the office if they are new patients
  • Tell a Friend about the practice, spreading the news about you!
  • Receive a small discount for a service if they are new patients who download the app.

Why wait any longer?

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation on your mobile strategy. We are all about getting business to come to you.

See an example of a Pediatric Dental Mobile App


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