Barbershop App

Barbershop App Features

This is not your typical barbershop app. This app is geared toward marketing your business and retaining customers. We develop a mobile app marketing plan for your business as part of our services, so you don’t just have another “gadget” but something to help grow your business.

Click the play button to watch this intro video and then read about the rich features.

State of the art mobile app for barbershops and or individual barbers who rent a chair. All for one low monthly fee and no dependence on third party websites or services. This is your own custom branded mobile app for barbers or barbershops.

Repeat business is vital in the barbershop business and competition is heavy. Stay competitive, Increase profits and maintain or increase your customer base with the use of your own custom branded app for barbers. Each barbershop app has custom graphic design and is custom branded for your barbershop, loaded on Apple’s app store and Google’s play store. Customers and potential customers can download your barbershop app and enjoy rich features:

  • Customers can schedule appointments and pay for them securely on your barbershop app. You can set an upfront fee for the appointment if you wish.
  • Integrate your appointments with Google Calendar or a built in calendar to streamline and manage your appointments. Receive email notifications when appointments are made on your barbershop app
  • Send Appointment Reminders to customers if you need to. Use the technology to track customers who have not come in for styling so you can get them back to your chairs! Increase your business by keeping track of customers, ensuring you don’t lose touch with any.
  • Increase repeat business and build customer loyalty by implementing a simple loyalty rewards program right on the barbershop app (for example after 10 cuts get a discount on the 11th etc.). Instead of stamping a card, simply validate a customer’s visit right on the barbershop app and the app keeps track of everything for you. Reward your most loyal customers and grow your customer base
  • Create and send coupons right on your barbershop app. Offer discounts for first time customers who download your barbershop app. Customers must come to your barbershop to use. Simply scan the QR code and you validate them right on your barbershop app.
  • Sell products right on your barbershop app – customers can see your product line, order and pay securely right from their phones.
  • Have customers take selfies of their cuts and send them to you right from your barbershop app
  • Send out push notifications (messages) to customers whenever there are available spots or empty chairs. This technology is extremely useful for keeping in touch with your customers and improving customer service. Messages appear right on their cellphones.
  • Set up a photo gallery of hair styles right on your barbershop app which can help customers to choose styles. Update these styles regularly using your state of the art content management system.
  • Customers can “tell a friend” about your barbershop app by clicking on a button and forwarding to their friends. Increase the amount of referrals you receive.
  • Connect to all your instances of Social Media right on your barbershop app so customers can post photos, likes and reviews right on your social media pages using your barbershop app. Increase your exposure to the friends of your customers.
  • Your barbershop app will include all your contact info and hours, available to your customers with one click on their mobile device
  • Your custom branded barbershop app has a simple to use yet sophisticated content management system which allows you to manage all content on your barbershop app while you are on the go. Create coupons, loyalty rewards programs, send push notifications, manage appointments, see coupon usage, metrics on usage and more. Right on your mobile device.

App for Barbers

Rise to the next level. Whether you are a full fledged barbershop or just an individual barber renting chairs, keep a presence right at your customers’ fingertips with your own custom designed app for barbers. Improve your customer interaction and gain new customers instantly with your new barbershop app. Use technology to stay ahead of the competition and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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