Progressive Web Apps PWAs

Progressive Web Apps are essentially mobile apps delivered via the web, so you get an app like experience using your web browser instead of downloading an actual mobile app. Progressive Web Apps have several advantages over native apps (the ones that are downloaded from the play store or app store).

Progressive Web Apps operate seamlessly across all devices, be they Androids, Iphones, Ipads, tablets or desktops. They do not need to be downloaded from the play store or App store and require low connectivity in order to work. A PWA can be saved to your home screen for easy access later on.

For business owners, Progressive Web Apps can provide you with a solution which can operate across devices and does not need to be approved for loading on the app store or follow guidelines. A Progressive Web App (PWA) also does not need to be updated to conform to new versions of Android or IOS devices. Lastly, most of the population now use mobile devices, so having a PWA for your business means you will come up in organic search results and users can easily access your business and interact just as if they were using a mobile app.

End users enjoy great advantages while using Progressive Web Apps. No longer are there tons of steps to find apps, download them, install them and grant permissions before using the app. Speed is no longer an issue either as progressive web apps load quickly and are easy to navigate. No more hour glass or clocking by the browser. Simply scan the QR code or access the PWA using a browser and you’re ready to go.

Companies like Lancome and Forbes have launched Progressive Web Apps to improve the mobile experience for their users. Most users will not download an app for Forbes or Lancome due to the infrequency of use, however they can quite easily access the PWA without committing to download anything.

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